Four ways technology is changing the way we live

From home security to restaurant-standard food deliveries, our technology PR agency looks at some of the ways tech has changed our lives for the better.

Home security

Remember when you forgot your key and had to sit on the doorstep until your flatmate or partner came home, or worse still, you had to fork out hundreds of pounds for a locksmith to come and change the locks? When our little technology PR agency took on Nuki as a client, we knew they had a great product on their hands that we couldn’t wait to tell the world about!

You see, the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 (for house) and the Nuki Opener (for flats) means you never need to be locked out of your home ever again! NUKI PR Campaign.

The Smart Home security system turns your smartphone into a smart key (it’s really smart, geddit?) and it even has a night-mode feature that automatically double locks the door for you in the evening.

In-laws arrive earlier than planned? Plumber need access to your house? Nuki Smart Lock can even open the door for you when you’re miles away stuck at work or on the bus. As tech PR specialists (and self-confessed tech nerds), we were so impressed with Nuki that we can’t imagine living without it now.


Back in the good old days, before COVID-19 when we were allowed to go out and have fun in public, there was a great institution called the festival. Remember those? It was a time to dig out the old brick phone with the endless battery life, just in case we lost our friends while we were in the middle of a muddy field.

Thanks to technology though, you don’t need to do that any more – and if we’re ever allowed to socialise in big groups again, rest assured that the MOPHIE mobile battery chargers would see you right.

As a PR agency, we know that communication and connection is what makes the world go round, and these clever gadgets mean you never need to run out of juice and go offline (unless you want to, of course). Mophie PR Campaign.

Online safety

With so many of us stuck at home because of lockdown or social distancing, protecting our children from too much screen-time and the dangers of the Internet has never been more important.

If you’ve been putting off giving your child a tablet because you don’t want them accidentally scrolling through dodgy videos on YouTube, PebbleGear has the solution. Introducing the PebbleGear tablet (available in the coveted Frozen 2 or Toy Story 4 themes), which is perfect for younger kids as there’s NO INTERNET ACCESS or in-app purchases available. Hallelujah, we hear you cry!

As a gaming PR agency, we know how addictive video games can be, so having parental controls on screen time is crucial. As well as being able to limit how long your child spends playing games on the tablet, it is also pre-loaded with loads of educational content to feed those little brains and (hopefully) keep them quiet for a while. Pebble Gear PR Campaign.


Online food delivery services like Deliveroo have revolutionised the way we eat – making it easier than ever to enjoy restaurant-standard food without leaving the sofa.

Keeping gamers (and the rest of the nation) alive with fresh food delivered straight to the door, these takeaways helped many of us survive the long months of isolation during lockdown.

And it’s not the first time Deliveroo has been a saviour for us tech geeks. Last year they delivered an emergency burrito button to gamers taking part in the Arena Clash eSports tournament. Because as we know well in video game PR, there is nothing worse than being forced to stop an online game midway to do things like answer the door or eat. Deliveroo PR Gaming Campaign.


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