How to use PR effectively on Black Friday

Three Black Friday marketing strategies to drive record sales

Black Friday is quite possibly one of the biggest days on the calendar for retailers, generating literally billions of pounds worth of sales.

Want to know how to use PR effectively and drive sales on Black Friday (and Cyber Monday)? Video Game PR can be niche, but that’s why we’re here to help.

As a tech PR agency, we know how important it is for businesses to use marketing and PR campaigns to entice their target audience and convince them to part with their hard-earned cash.

Our Public Relations Company is used to employing powerful marketing tactics to get results for our clients, but today we’re going to reveal one of the more cost-effective ways to promote your brand and boost sales: digital PR.

With retailers pulling out all the stops to get their customers’ attention, digital PR strategies need to be planned well in advance to generate sales and build brand awareness. As a technology PR agency, this is our bread and butter, so read on for our top four tricks to use PR effectively on Black Friday:

Trick one: nail your offers and key messages

Agree and approve any discounts and messaging well in advance of the big day on November 27. Get any branded imagery and social media posts ready and use emotive language to create a buzz around your product(s) – i.e. “last chance to buy” or “once it’s gone, it’s gone!”

Make sure any links to buy are ready and work properly. Use strong calls to action in your messaging to encourage impulse buying.

Trick two: write a kick-arse press release

Any good PR agency knows the power of a well-written press release to bring your brand message and sales to life via your little black book of media contacts. Summarise your Black Friday deals in the release, include any URL links to buy, and don’t forget to add all relevant product names, prices and discounts.

Win favour with time-poor journalists by sending a WeTransfer link to download pictures, rather than clog up their in-box with high res images. Remember, magazines often work to longer lead times than newspapers and websites, so send the release well in advance with an embargo if necessary – or why not offer exclusivity to a favoured title?

Trick three: create a media hit list & go for it!

Tech PR companies like us know that strong relationships with journalists are crucial for securing coverage for our clients. We use a media database but you can easily Google contact details, or head to the publication’s website and find contacts there.

Journalists prefer a personal approach, so find the email address for the Tech Editor of the newspaper you want coverage in, rather than the generic Features Desk one. You will have more chance of getting featured this way.

Email instead of calling (journalists might be in the middle of writing something on deadline when you phone and get irritated by the interruption). Make sure your email subject line is clear – and sums up the amazing discount on offer. Put the phrase ‘Black Friday deal’ in your email subject, too. And this bit is crucial: copy and paste the release into the body of the email – don’t use an attachment, it won’t get read.

Not got time to execute a Black Friday PR campaign? Let us take over!

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