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BOPE PR are a specialist PR Agency in London with a passion for transforming techno-babble into relatable media-friendly hooks.
You might be here because you are looking for experts in PR Stunts, Influencer Campaigns or Crisis Management or simply some outstanding Press Office Services. Our team of PR aces will connect you with your audience and take care of all your PR needs. Big or small, local or international, you’ll love what we do and our wide range of PR services.

We offer a full range of PR services

We are the front line between your brand and the media. We manage the phones, help protect your Intellectual Property, and we practice due diligence like nobody’s business. From 24/7 media monitoring to crisis flagging, pro-active and reactive comms, our press office services make our clients lives easier.

A well-executed publicity stunt can bring the kind of attention to a brand that money simply cannot buy. You may have seen our work – LEGO dinosaurs roaming around Hyde Park in London, a yellow brick road at Hamley’s Toy Store. If it grabs the attention of the media and sets social networks ablaze, we can do it!

Our radio studio in Farringdon is a highly effective way to reach national and international audiences. We can help you promote everything from the birth of the Isle Of Wight Festival to Bigfoot (who totally exists). Our talent management team can even source the perfect celebrity to act as your brand ambassador.

We can help you partner with social media influencers to generate interest and create loyal brand following on social media platforms. Done smartly and it needn’t cost the earth, and you can achieve a great ROI.

We’ve got your crisis under control – whether it’s IP matters, journalists threatening to run a particularly salacious or damaging article, don’t worry, just hit the giant BOPE-Signal and we’ll be there to save the day!

It can be daunting to be suddenly placed in front of a camera or microphone, with everything you do or say preserved for posterity. Many of us have been under pressure and simply freeze in front of the camera. As experienced media professionals we can help even the most anxious interviewee ensure that the message is the real star of any media appearance.

Not only are we great at PR but we are also pretty handy with a hammer! We work with the finest crafts people in the industry. Our team of event planners will take care of everything. From branding and building, to the colour of your invites and everything in between. We’ve built it all, from giant white spaces catering for hundreds of people, to the most intimate and exclusive media meals.

Need us to design an entire press kit, website, mailer, or fully blown trade show take over? We can do it from scratch. We have award-winning Art Directors in our team who fully understand PR needs and will work in tandem with you to blow your socks off.

Specialist Areas...

…we are tech storytellers specialising in the gaming, technology, gadget and gizmo sectors, creating marvellous messaging to demystify technology and video games.
Always aware of the latest trends in the industry, we keep our clients ahead of the game. 

BOPE PR - London PR Agency Team

We love what we do. We were founded by tech journalists and communications folk with over twenty years of PR magic-making, that’s our number one secret. With half the founding team at BOPE PR coming from a media background, our relationships with the media are based on friendships and a true understanding of what makes snappy, eye-catching editorial.

Our network of media, influencers and partners deliver strategic and creative PR campaigns getting the right message to the right people at the right time.

Our Values

Renowned for our creative, strategic, and memorable approach to PR campaigns, we pride ourselves on our human touch. Although we are PR wizards, we avoid smoke and mirrors – every client gets full visibility on everything we do. Fully tracked coverage and sell-in, senior account management staff, and a proactive approach – that is what sets us apart.

Refreshing, right?

Speak to our friendly team today, we’ll be happy to help!

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