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Eau De Plumber for GAME

The spiritual successor to the infamous Christmas Tinner…

To help drive traffic to the GAME site during the festive period the team asked us to create a spiritual successor to the notorious Christmas Dinner In A Can.

It needed to remain visual, funny, instantly recognizable as a ‘GAME’ PR stunt, and drive people to their site.

Working with a leading 3D artist, we opted for the highly recognisable shape of a well-known video game character, and created a parody perfume with ‘plumbery scents’ to engage with and entertain the gaming media. Pick up was huge, especially across specialist gaming sites that we were hoping to target.

News appeared on IGN, GameReactor, Eurogamer, the NME, LadBible and more over a single weekend.

Resulting social and media coverage was vast, with over 120 pieces of coverage in 48 hours.

Tracked over 300% ROI, with AVE of approx £ 770,000


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